The 3rd Pyongyang Film Festival of Non-Aligned and Other Developing Countries

1990.9.1. ~ 1990.9.13.


The 3rd Pyongyang Film Festival of Non-Aligned and Other Developing Countries was held from September 6th to 13th in Pyongyang, the capital city of DPRK. On September 6th, it was splendidly held in Pyongyang International Cinema House which had been built in modern style and 118 feature films and documentaries from 45 countries and 1 international mission were submitted to the festival. The films submitted to the festival were screened successfully in cultural museums and cinemas in Pyongyang. Film delegates and our people who attended in the festival got to know more well about history, customs and lives of the people who are struggling for independence and peace through the truthful images. In the festival, the committee of international jury was formed by famous film makers from Egypt, Cuba, Senegal, DPRK, Indonesia, India and Nigeria and as a result of fair judgment of jury members, Korean Feature Film “The Nation and Destiny” Parts 1 and 2 got the best prize, Gold Torch Prize in the festival. During the festival, film makers from different countries conducted film exchange more actively through film market and exchanged their opinions of film development and current condition each other. And Festival participants got to realize more well about the immortal feats of leadership and greatness of the great President and great General, visiting the old home at Mangyongdae and various scenic spots such as the International Friendship Exhibition and a new aspect of Juche-oriented film art development. Foreign delegates who attended in the 3rd Pyongyang Film Festival unanimously said that they could witness in person the great vitality of our socialist regime which is further developing under the wise leadership of the great leaders and expressed their great admiration for Korean film makers who are living under the tender leadership and care of the great General. And the international jury members of the festival and delegates from different countries expressed that the 3rd Pyongyang Film Festival had been held in a great success and gave their naive presents and a letter of thanks to the great President and the great General who gave tender leadership and care for the success of Pyongyang Film Festival. Pyongyang Film Festival which is held under the ideal of Independence, Peace and Friendship will be a meaningful gathering to give strength and encouragement to the world film makers who are going ahead the way of independence and will contribute to further strengthening the exchange and cooperation with film makers in the future.