The 10th Pyongyang International Film Festival

2006.9.13. ~ 2006.9.22.


Amid the great expectation and concern of our people and film workers of different countries, the 10th Pyongyang International Film Festival was splendidly held from September 11th to 21st in Juche 95 (2006) in Pyongyang, the capital city of DPRK. The festival had been held 10 times as Pyongyang Film Festival of the Non-Aligned and other Developing countries and from 2006, it has been developed into "Pyongyang International Film Festival" so famous film workers and films of different countries such as Europe participated in the festival. In this festival, 73 films were estimated by the fair judgment of 5 international jury members and German Feature Film "Napola" was awarded the best prize in the festival. Festival participants from different countries gave a sincere present and a letter of thanks to the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il who paid close concern for the success of festival with boundless reverence. Festival participants could see the real image of socialist Korea from the beautiful image of Pyongyang, the capital city of DPRK and the lofty mental world of our people who have advanced the road of socialism vigorously, rallying around the leader firmly. Moreover, they exchanged success and experience in the film field through film exchange with film workers of different countries.