German International Jury

Name: Dr. Uwe Schmelter

Gender: Male

Birth: February 18, 1945

Profession: Senior Advisor of “Berlin International Film Festival-Berlinale”

Russian International Jury

Name: Sneshkin Sergei

Gender: Male

Birth: October 10, 1954

Profession: Occupation: Director, Actor, Writer and Producer

Australian International Jury

Name: Russell Edwards

Gender: Male

Birth: May 19, 1961

Profession: Film critic for the international film trade newspaper “Variety” and member of the selection section of the Asia Pacific Screen Awards

Korean International Jury

Name: Ri Yang Il

Gender: Male

Birth: May 1, 1947

Profession: Vice-President of Pyongyang University of Dramatic and Cinematic Art

Chinese International Jury

Name: Mailisi

Gender: Female

Birth: November 23, 1956

Profession: Vice-President of the National Filming Commission of the Chinese Film Workers’ Association, Vice-President of the Inner Mongolian Literary League and President of the Inner Mongolian Film Workers’ Association